Remarkable Ammonia NH3 Properties, Synthesis, Reactions and Applications: Complete Guide


Ammonia is an inorganic substance with the formula NH3. The trigonal pyramidal structure of the ammonia molecule has a 106.7° bond angle. At room temperature and atmospheric pressure, it is an odorless gas with an unpleasant smell that is also very soluble in water. One of the most significant and popular industrial chemicals is ammonia. It … Read more

Isopropyl Alcohol / C3H8O a Versatile Chemical: Complete Guide

Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol, sometimes referred to as rubbing alcohol or isopropanol, is an organic chemical and secondary alcohol. At room temperature, it has an unpleasant odor also it is a flammable and colorless liquid. It is a typical disinfectant and solvent that is applied in a variety of domestic and industrial settings. The chemical formula for … Read more

Astonishing Glycerine / C3H8O3


A versatile and often-used chemical substance, glycerine is sometimes referred to as glycerol or glycerin. It is a viscous liquid with a sweet flavor that is colorless, odorless, and non-toxic. It is liquid at room temperature. Glycerine is classified as a polyol, which indicates that it has several hydroxyl (-OH) groups. Glycerol is a hygroscopic substance that is … Read more

The Wonders of Hydrogen Peroxide / H2O2: Complete Guide

hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a chemical compound in which two hydrogen atoms are bonded to two oxygen atoms. It has found its place in a variety of fields, from healthcare, beauty, and cleaning to industrial applications. The nonplanar molecule hydrogen peroxide has twisted C2 symmetry. It is a substance that is used frequently in our … Read more

Fascinating world of Acetone Structure((CH3)2CO)


Introduction: Andreas Libavius synthesized acetone for the first time in 1606 by distilling lead acetate. Acetone (Dimethyl ketone), is an organic molecule and a ketone, which is also a volatile and colorless liquid with a fruity odor (similar to nail polish remover). It is also known as propanone and has the chemical formula C3H6O. Acetone’s … Read more

Ionization energy:

Ionization energy

The energy required to remove the outermost shell electron in isolated gaseous atom when present in ground state is called Ionization energy (I.E). It is an elemental and thermodynamic property also termed as ionization potential and ionization enthalpy. It is also an endothermic process. The ionization energy units are ev, kjmol-1, and kcalmol-1 and they … Read more